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Honduran coffee beans minneapolis

Honduras Coffee Beans


Yes you can get high quality Honduras coffee beans in the Twin Cities / Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Coffees grown in Honduras, which borders Nicaragua and Guatemala, generally having tasting notes describing them as full-bodied with a sweet and mild taste. Much of the coffee grown in Honduras historically was fairly unremarkable and often used as a base in coffee blends, however, it has emerged as a force in its own right in coffee reviews in recent years and is often sought after.

Honduran coffees run the range of soft and nutty to bright and vibrant, making them difficult to identify in blends. More often than not, brands will feature them as their own single origin coffee. When buying roasted beans, we recommend ordering whole bean to best preserve flavor, and making sure you’re ordering from a coffee roaster who offers roasted-to-order so that you get it within days of being roasted, while it’s at its peak flavor. Avoid pre-roasted brands that sit on store shelves or warehouse shelves (eg. grocery store, Amazon) as coffees that are roasted weeks or months prior tend to be stale and relatively tasteless.


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